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Plastic surgeries have been gaining popularity in the US, and not only to restore beauty and reverse the process of aging. Below are some of the procedures that plastic surgeons perform for reasons besides improving one's appearance. 


Breast Augmentation- This is the most commonly performed surgeries by far. You will no longer imagine celebrities when mentioning such type of surgery. As the rate of breast cancer increases, breast implant sales have increased as well. Restoring the body contour of a breast cancer survivor through using implants is accepted and being practiced widely. 


On the other hand, breast reductions can also be performed for women in treating and preventing back ailments which result from their breasts' weight. Breast lift could also be done for women that have experienced huge weight loss as well as have suffered with lack of elasticity with their breasts. Those gastric bypass patients frequently undergo many cosmetic surgeries because of weakened muscle tones, excess skin and some other issues. 


2. Facial Plastic Surgery- Reconstructive plastic surgeries are routinely performed for people in both genders of varying age groups. Nose jobs or rhinoplasty are usual procedures in correcting sleep apnea as well as other issues in breathing created by obstructions and abnormalities in the nose. 


Plastic surgeons often do removal of skin cancer over the facial area by utilizing their reconstructive knowledge to lessen the damages and repair the skin's surface. Cleft palate and lip are usual procedures that plastic surgeons perform. These malformations can impair the ability of a person to communicate and eat, making medical reconstruction a necessity. 


In addition, reconstruction for trauma patients is an extensive field of practice. Rebuilding a bone structure as well as repairing skin surfaces are all considered medical necessities that can help such patients. Also, burn victims are seen by a reconstructive plastic surgeon. 


The likelihood of cosmetic surgeries which are needed for medical reasons to be covered by insurance is quite high, depending with a person's existing coverage. If the procedure is not elective, but rather used to cure, treat or correct medical issues or ailment, it would place these procedures in a different classification among numerous insurance companies. 


Frequently, doctors can also work with the insurance companies in explaining the necessity of the procedure to be performed, which can result in your insurance company paying all or a percentage of your bill. You can contact local plastic surgeons so you can have more information with regards to plastic surgeries that you are interested to. View website details here to know more.


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